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Dr. Blackmer and his wife, Sandy, have one daughter, Melissa, who has graduated from Pacific Union College with a degree in Biology. Dr. Blackmer’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in biology, a Master of Arts in teaching with an emphasis in biology/physics, a Master of Arts in secondary educational administration, and an earned doctorate in educational administration from Andrews University, where he also obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Dr. Blackmer has served at Grand Ledge Academy in Grand Ledge, Michigan, as both teacher and principal; at Adelphian Academy in Holly, Michigan, as vice principal and boys’ dean; and as principal at Mount Pisgah Academy in North Carolina and Takoma Academy in Takoma Park, Maryland. Dr. Blackmer recently served for seven years as associate superintendent in the Michigan Conference. His most recent position was superintendent of schools in the Idaho Conference. Currently Dr. Blackmer is Vice President of Education for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Dr. Blackmer  enjoys woodworking, both carving and cabinet making, and nature photography. He is actively involved with technology in many aspects across the division

When asked for his philosophy on education, Dr. Blackmer  said,

“I believe strongly in Adventist Christian education! It is our responsibility to help young people grow and develop into well–rounded, healthy, happy, and Christlike adults. Our goal is not only to educate them as good citizens and help them to be productive in our society; it is also our mission to provide them with the training and tools to be committed Seventh–day Adventist Christians, sharing the love they have found in Jesus with those around them. Hope for the Homeland is the them e of our evangelistic thrust this fall, but I believe we need to go a step farther with our young people. We need to instill in their hearts not only the hope for our heavenly homeland but an assurance, through the grace of our Lord, that Christ has paid the price for each young person and that the hope they have is more than a hope for something that is possible in the future. It is a tangible hope, or assurance, in something that has already been purchased for us. Christ is central in all we do in Adventist education, and by His love and grace, our children will stand with us soon face to face with Jesus.”

Sandy has worked at the General Conference as editorial assistant for the adult Sabbath School quarterly and served in the Michigan Conference as Communications Director. She is currently the features editor of Adventist Review and assistant editor of Adventist World.

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