Enrollment – Is There Something Wrong with Adventist Education

Lecture given for SDA Church in Canada Pastors meeting;

June 22, 2009

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    Holley (Leen) Bryant

    Hi Larry!

    I’m not sure if you remember me, but you hired me in the Idaho conference for Boise Valley Adventist School in 2003 – you started my career, actually! They took a chance on a first year teacher!

    I’m in the Oregon Conference now, Principal at Hood View Junior Academy and I’ve found myself the chair of our Principal’s Committee (ELT=Educational Leadership Team). One of the topics that we definitely need to discuss is enrollment and I noticed that you have lots of information on that topic!

    We have two meetings coming up and I was wondering if you ever travel and present? ELT would cover your costs, of course. We have a retreat coming up soon (October 17-19) and another meeting in April. I know that you’ll be on the west coast for the Education Summit the 20th-23rd. This is such last minute notice, but would you be able and/or willing to come and share at our retreat? If not, would an April meeting work?

    If travel is not part of your job at this point, no worries. I just thought I’d ask!

    Hope all is well for you!


    Holley Bryant

    Hi Holley,

    Of course I remember you! Once in awhile we find great teachers and have the opportunity to hire them, that is what happened with Holley! It is great that you are in administration, I think you would be a natural. I am sorry that I am not available in October. I travel about 200 days a year and will be in southern California on those days. Please give me the April dates as soon as you can and I will try to get that on my schedule. I will cover my own travel expenses and look forward to seeing you soon.

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