Internet for Today’s Christian Families

Presented to Atlantic Union Pastors/Teachers Convention

August 3, 2009

Internet safety

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    Craig S. Bradley

    I have heard this appeal from countless SDAs concerning Kohl’s money for Mt. Ellis. My problem is that each and every time I have attempted to use the link that the various folks have provided it has usually lead to an error message or not available message or to something that deals with Kohl’s but has nothing to do with voting for money. I am beginning to think that this is mostly an urban legend as the links on facebook pleas and email pleas lead absolutely no where. Then I think, if something sounds too good to be true…

    Please advise.

    Craig S. Bradley

    No Craig, it is the real deal Mt. Ellis won $500,000! I am not sure why your link did not work, it worked for thousands of others….. Thanks for trying.

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